Photojournalism From Many Perspectives

This assignment was so exciting but also made me nervous. I love to journal and I love to take photos but I never tried to mesh the two. I was most nervous about not taking thought provoking, interesting photos that I would then be able to write about. It was also the first time that I had to take pictures of strangers. I was however greatly surprised that I did enjoy taking their pictures and captring their personalities and qualities without even knowing them. So, without further adue, let me introduce you to five amazing people that I captured.

“Higher Heights” UW basketball player, Haize Fronstrom, watches Jake Hendricks make a big leap for a praise worthy shot during the warm up period before their game against UNLV. The game was held in Laramie and although the outcome was not in the favor of the Cowboys, the energy and hype was great the entire time.

This picture was by far the most challenging picture to take. I had to take roughly 100 pictures just during the warm-up time just to get a shot that wasn’t blurry. the hardest part of taking this picture was actually getting the courage to go and sit right underneath the basketball hoop next to the press members that had their giant cameras. But, I was really happy with how the photo turned out. I also had to heavily utilize the UW Basketball page to gather the names of the players.

“Getting Visualization” Sierra Jepsen, the coach of the Meats Judging Team is in the UW Meat Lab preparing specs for an upcoming meat judging practice that is being hosted at UW. Here she is taking a beef hind quarter and breaking it down into primals.

The above picture is one of my favorite non-sports feature photo. I came upon this situation while I was working in the Meat Lab. I have never had a conversation with Sierra before this and just decided to ask her if I could take a picture of her. Im so new to the Meat Lab that I don’t have the confidence to cut meat very quickly and I just found myself amazed with how fast and percise Sierra was while cutting.

“Too Early for This” Vincent Oedekoven, an employee of the UW Meat Lab works on pulling a hide off of a lamb during a slaughter. The grit shown on his face truly speaks to how hard working and determined he was the entire time despite starting his day at 4 o’Clock in the morning on a Tuesday.

The pictures I took during the slaughter on Tuesday were my favorite to take for this assignment. It was so easy to catch my subjects off-guard and to really capture a genuine moment. For this, I used the Portrait Mode on my phone and took several pictures to get the lighting right and to come from the right angle. If you have any other questions about the UW meat Lab, you can look at their Facebook page

“Sidelines” The UW Cheerleaders practice their tumbling routines on the side of the basketball court before the game against UNLV began. There was an intensity in their attitudes the entire game even at times when the UW cowboys were not winning.

For this photo, I utilized the Live feature on my phone to capture and “freeze” the photo at the perfect time. It was difficult and took many tries to get the right shot but I was happy with the results. I wo wish that I could have taken the photo with a higher quality camera to avoid having it appear grainy.

“Taking Aim” Johnstown local Rayna Alexis practices a game of pool before playing with friends at a local bar in Colorado. Despite being a loud, Saturday night, Rayna was still focused on each shot.

I used the Portrait Mode feature on my phone to take this picture and put the focal point on the 6 ball in the front. This picture became one of my favorites because of the lighting and the depth.

The World Through Jessie’s Eyes

These photos were captured during class time at the UW Conservatory and in my free time at the Swine and Beef units at Hansen Arena, hopefully you can distinguish which pictures were taken at each location. I captured all of these utilizing my iPhone because I do not own a high quality camera. I greatly enjoyed this assignment and even more so, I enjoyed reflecting on and sifting through the 200 plus photographs that I took.

”New World Small” This picture captures a rustic, golden dinosaur meshing prehistoric times and modern times. The main creative domain illustrated in this picture is the Establishing Size Domain. I really love the irony of this photo because in the minds of most people dinosaurs were huge creatures and in this picture the dinosaur, which is the main focal point, is actually the smallest element. I feel that the irony not only makes the picture interesting but thought provoking. I also think that the gold color pairs well with the almost rust color in the chipped paint on the brick and allows the dinosaur to remain dominant in the picture.
“Lookin’ Sharp” This photo is a Birdseye view of a large cactus from the UW Conservatory. This picture depicts the Creative domain of Texture mainly. You can see the harsh, sharp points of the cactus that keeps the plant safe but there is also a soft almost cotton-like texture below the spikes that has a mesmerizing, inviting feel to it. I also feel that this photo can demonstrate Cropping because there isn’t a full specimen in sight. This picture might be the most unique one I took. The first thing that my family said when I showed them is “what is that?” And while that might be an insult to some people I actually like that because of the lighting and the angle, you are actually forced to think about it and interpret it.
“Nobody Nose 29-7” This photo shows a curious barrow that wasn’t quite brave enough to let me see his entire face but still wanted to investigate. I think there are many creative domains at play in this photo but the main one that adds the most character to it is the Rule of Thirds. The pig’s nose is almost centered in the photo and is the main focal point. The placement of the nose makes the picture unique and makes it central. I also think that Depth is crucial to making the photo unique because his feet, chest and even his ear are all blurred which makes the nose stand out more and adds an extra element to the picture.
“Sleeping on the Job” This ladybug has an important job to protect the plant by consuming other insects that might harm it. However, this ladybug is enjoying a peaceful nap while nestled inside a spiked succulent. This photo mainly depicts the creative device of Symmetry and Patterns. Theres almost an exact pattern on the leafs of the plant and a symmetrical way that it grows. I think its this almost precise pattern that allows the bright red ladybug to stand out so much. I think that the depth also makes the picture more pleasing and the subtle water droplets make it more interesting and adds a calming feel to it.
“Stand out From the Crowd” This picture shows a lone red heifer that was just curious enough about me to walk up to the food bunk. She put her head in the right place to create a picture that utilized Framing really well. That creative domain really draws the viewer’s eye to the heifer’s face. I also really like the depth of the photo and how the black heifer in the background adds an extra element to the photo. I linked this picture so much because it has a focal point but there is also so much detail outside of that. The texture of the mud, the steam out of the other animal’s nose and the loose straw on the chin of the red heifer all add extra character to the photo.

Overall, I enjoyed this assignment greatly. I thought that it was surprising how unique each photo turned out. I kept trying to make each photo different from the one before by adjusting the lighting, focal point and angle. I did have some help from the Portrait Mode on my phone which gave me more control with lighting. If I were to do anything differently I would have tried to think more outside of the box and taken more unique pictures.

Exploring Blogging for the First Time

Starting a new domain where I will begin sharing my ideas and opinions seems very exciting. I greatly enjoy writing and have for a very long time. The thought of have my own space to express my passion, knowledge and creativity is thrilling in many ways.

However, making it a fun, interactive page that is visually appealing seems intimidating. After looking at previous students’ work, I feel confident that I can learn new skills for developing and maintaining a page that feels very welcoming and organized for my readers.

I am also afraid that I wont be able to share my page in a manner that reaches the right audience or reaches enough people. I want to learn more about marketing myself in order to share my ideas in an efficient manner.

I hope I also gain experience in blog writing because I have doubts about whether or not I will be able to write entertaining pieces each week. I am interested in writing about issues that the agricultural industry faces.

I hope to have a broad range of topics including livestock and agronomy. I hope that I can choose topics that are different enough from other pieces that I have wrote but similar enough to where there is a consistent theme and feel with my site.

I follow many blog pages that are always very entertaining. In recent weeks I have tried to follow more pages so that I can decide what I want to implement on my page and what trends I wish to avoid. The pages that I do follow are all diverse from each other but I also

Although I have made it seem like I am terrified and unsure about all of this, I am more so excited for this opportunity. I look forward to making new connections through this page and learning new skills. I also think that it is a great opportunity to market myself.